Visual C Plus Plus 2008 Express Edition

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Visual environment to develope applications with C


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Visual C 2008 Express Edition is a phenomenal visual editor for developing applications with the C and C languages.

It has a professional compiler which allows you to create almost any C source file

Despite being the "Lite" version, it lets you perform all the typical functions contained in any of the professional editors:

- Drag and drop items onto the program's interface.

- Automatic self-determination of sentences, for quick and accurate codeing.

- Debug the code easily.

Also, Visual C 2008 Express Edition is ready to work with .NET, thereby alowing the development of applications for data access, network, print and Web services.

Indicate if you also want to install the reduced version of MSDN Bookseller and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition during the installation of Visual C Express Edition.